About Us

Who are we

Help business to transform by unleashing the power of data!

We are a data consulting company that brings your data strategy together.

Over the past years we hear a lot of pain points from our clients that they want to the leverage data to help their business.

  • Precise Targeting

    • Delivering the right information to the right audience at the right moment.
  • Informed Investment

    • Knowing the return of investment of each marketing channel.
  • Channel Orchestration

    • Understand how customer engage and  lead customers to conversion.
In reality business seldomly realise that data is the foundation of all these in order become impactful to the business

What we do

  • Data Enablement
    • Data Strategy
    • Data Collection 
    • Data Enrichment
  • Data Analytics
    • Data Analysis
    • Tag Management
    • Analytics Training
  • Data Empowerment
    • Reporting Automation
    • UX Optimisation
    • Data Visualisation
  • Data Solution
    • Data Modelling
    • Data Integration
    • Customer Clustering

Want to know how to leverage data for your business?

How do we get here


When no one talk about data

This is where our journey begin, delivering high quality services to our customer in order to unlock the power of data.


Building local analytics community

We continue to host monthly data analytic meet up as well as Digital Analytics Summit in order to meet and learn from different expert in Aisa. In addition, building a local analytics community.


Customer Success

Over the past years we help many company leverage the power of data to achieve different business success and being recognised by receiving multiple industries awards.




Google Analytics Certified Partner

After years of effort, Beehive Strategy became one of the Google Analytics Certified Partner and continue to help many companies to enable their data strategy.



Education is the key

Providing data analytics training and continue to help business to improve their internal team abilities on data analytics. We established Beehive Academic just focusing on deliver training and knowledge to both businesses and individuals.


Explore the world and bring to aisa.

There are so many great tools and solutions around the world and one of our objective is not to understand their strength but also bring their value to or clients to streamline their data end to end as well as bring efficiency to make better business decisions.


Expanding our services

With the trust of our client, we have been helping businesses to understand the data and turn into actionable insights. We expanded our services into Digital Transform and Consulting using Customer Data Centric Model.


mark our 10 years

We believe in data for the past 10 years and we are certain for the future. Beehive Strategy will continue to help business to drive their success by leveraging data! Data is the core and we are so passionate about it!

Start your data journey with us!