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Data Inspires Vision. Vision Leads to Action.

Webtrends Analytic provides an all-in-one analytics package for mobile apps, social media and websites.

The modern digital conundrum can be summed up as such: Data is everywhere, and marketers can feel as clueless as ever. You don’t need more data. You need the right data, in context, on demand, so you can make a decision or find an opportunity.

Webtrends Analytics pulls data from your Facebook pages and apps using Facebook API. Additional conversion data is available with the Webtrends tag. Within a couple of clicks and less than 30 seconds, you start seeing ideas about what’s working and what’s not.

Webtrends Mobile Analytics provides you with deep insights into your customers’ engagement and loyalty, shows the content and media they find most compelling, and reveals opportunities to improve your app. That’s a competitive advantage.