Beehive Strategy | Radian6
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Radian6 is diving into social media monitoring, listening, and engagement begins with finding the very best platform to suit your needs.

They offer analysis dashboard which is a flexible, web-based social media monitoring and engagement platform that lets you view relevant conversations happening around your brand and products in real time. they aggregate those conversations – saving you lots of legwork – and put them into visuals that make analysis and measurement meaningful and actionable.

By Integrating the use of social media channels into your organization starts with listening.It is a complete social media monitoring, engagement, and workflow management platform created to help you aggregate and analyze the comments people are making on the web. View trends and dig deeper into specific posts to get a pulse on how your company is faring online.


  1. Easy Set-up
  2. Comprehensive Coverage
  3. Easy Reporting
  4. Social Media Metrics
  5. Workflow Management
  6. Social CRM and Website Analytics Integration
  7. Enterprise level – Scalability