Beehive Strategy | Localytics
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Localytics knows your total audience, how many are using your app for the first time, who are most loyal and what features are most popular. If your users provide anonymous demographic data, Localytics can also include dimensions such as age and gender in your reports. Localytics collects these and other data directly from your application, providing the most accurate and reliable measurement of your unique users and their engagement with your app.

Getting to know your users requires user segmentation analysis. Localytics provides flexible reporting and segmentation tools so you can create custom segments on-the-fly (no need to define segments in advance). Enterprise customers also have access to multivariate queries that allow the correlation virtually any data sets.

Publishers need to equip their media sales teams to sell at the highest effective CPMs possible. That requires trusted measurements of reach, frequency and engagement, segmenting the audience into marketable profiles, and providing brands innovative advertising packages.

Brands are taking advantage of the ability to engage with users in far deeper ways than simple text and banner advertisements. The best in-app advertisements are essentially small, embedded apps that require their own engagement and performance metrics.

Localytics’ detailed performance metrics allow brands and publishers to track when, where and how app users interact with advertising. Both brands and publishers can record time spent, know depth of engagement, optimize ad placement and A/B test creative assets.