Beehive Strategy | Digital Analytics and Reporting
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Digital Analytics and Reporting

If you have a business that with digital strategy, surely you should have digital analytics reporting tools set up for the preparation of analysis. The tools help you in collecting different data, setting up campaign and generating reports etc. Your business thus requires meaningful, timely and accurate metrics for success.

Beehive Strategy’s analytic and reporting service can satisfy the need of your business, helping you to transform the data into useful information and the way make sense to improve your business by providing you recommendations in different aspects.

Types of reports Beehive Strategy can build:

  1. Content and Traffic Report
  2. Funnel and Segmented Report
  3. Path analysis Report
  4. Ecommerce Report
  5. SEO Analysis
  6. Full Website Usability Analysis
  7. Current Search Engine Rankings
  8. Optimization Review
  9. Keyword Research

Take web analytics report as example, your report will contain the following specific information:

  • An executive summary for your website performance;
  • Troubles or problems that affect your site ranking;
  • Ways to adjust the website design and content to facilitate high rankings;
  • Content and pages analysis and optimization;
  • Traffic analysis and trouble shooting;
  • Keywords performance analysis and research;
  • Clickstream analysis to know customer behavior;
  • Site architecture and navigational feedback;
  • Browser compatibility check;
  • Overall recommendations

The report will also have other relevant information and recommendations about your website, which could help in the overall online business performance. It is also welcome if you have further enquires or requirements.