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Outsource for Digital Agencies

Today, Companies invest significant dollars to digital marketing campaign which many of them are hold through digital agencies, however, the most difficult question for agency to answer clients are “how much would be the ROI to my business? , how much conversion will be caused to my offline sales?”. What do clients want? All the clients ultimately want RESULTS. They want to know how their bottom-line is affected by all the marketing initiatives they implement. What impact did they notice on traffic, engagement levels, dialogue with their prospects, and finally the ROI generated?

So your agencies may have a in-house analytst end to end to support client with RESULT but does your analyst has experiences as well as understand how the worldwide does? It would be great if they have experienced analysts in-house who can make sense out of large volumes of data daily but many agencies are small shops running on limited budget and studies from Hong Kong Digital Analytics Association revealed Hong Kong digital agencies and marketer are far behind from using and mastering digital analytics.

If your digital marketing agency is not capable to meet its clients’ demands for reporting and analyses, and if you would like to offer more value-added solutions and answer their result-oriented questions to your clients then you should consider outsourcing. Here’s how outsourcing will help your agency:

  • Focus your core services: By outsourcing analytics work, you can ensure that experienced professionals handle the manpower intensive activities , which designers will not responsible to do reporting and your in-house team focuses on your core services.
  • Value-add to your services: If you are just providing automated reports, like default dashbroad report from Google Analytics, to your clients , they may get dissatisfied with a non in-depth analytics report, your clients may get dissatisfied. By outsourcing, you can offer all the special analytics services without breaking your head over acquiring skilled resources and managing them.
  • Multiple skill sets: You might have a Google Analytics expert in your team, but what happens when a client asks for Omniture SiteCatalyst analytics? With outsourcing you can get a variety of skills as well as programming experts who can customize queries for specific client requirements. Different analytics tools contain different approaches which like omniture heavily requied on technical data customization for set up and so to provide u a very powerful customized information reporting and very specific data drill-down.  A digital analytics company mastering wide range of tools on the market is aware of the latest trends and follows best practices.
So why not outsource to beehive strategy,  as a leading analytics consultant in Hong Kong, there are many reason to outsource your analytics to us as below
  • Providing the complete range of web analytics services to enterprises since 2011
  • Having many partnership with  analytics service company like (Yahoo! Web analytics, Socialbakers, etc.)
  • Vast experience in digital marketing with core digital analytics services
  • Working with global Fortune 500 firms
  • High quality output and adherence to delivery schedule
  • Data security and confidentiality policy
  • Reduce cost of hiring a full time employee
White Label Solution?

Many of our clients enjoy the advantage of our white labeled web analytics solutions, where we do all the reporting for them while stamped with their own logo and branding. We offer all the back-end support and the front-end is with the client. This ensures that the end-customers get the feeling that they are getting superior web analytics solutions from your company.

 Beehive Strategy provides the following analytics services
  1. Digital Analytics Tools Implementation
  2. Dashboard Creation
  3. Analytics & Reporting
  4. Customization
  5. Mobile Analytics
  6. Social Media Analytics
  7. Web Analytics
  8. Campaign Analytics