Beehive Strategy | Campaign & Social Media Analytics
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Campaign Analysis


Campaign Analysis is included in the web analytics process, including tracking, measuring, analyzing and optimizing website visitor traffic, reach and conversion initiatives. The whole process of assessing the effectiveness of the campaigns is through the integrated and systemic metrics.

The campaign analysis will work differently depends on the business goals and marketing medium.

1. Cost per lead (CPL) is a governing cost basis for analyzing campaign ROI and the goal of campaign analytics in online marketing.

2. Email opens, click-through rate (CTR), form conversions and ultimately revenue will be the metrics measuring the effectiveness.

The analysis metrics will be measured in order to understand which campaigns are the best and worth to invest in towards and which should be abandoned. Therefore, the main target of campaign analysis is to acquire web traffic to the website that it is important to the entire web analytics.

Beehive Strategy will focus on ONLINE CAMPAIGN, providing you with a clear understanding of the true performance of your campaigns. In one single overview you can see the results of paid versus natural search, email newsletters, banner campaigns, affiliate networks and other channels.

In the report there will be a part regarding of the campaign analysis. You can also request for a specific campaign analysis report with customization which can suits your needs or requirements, which is unique for you business. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Social Media Analytics


Integrate, analyze and engineer on entire online strategy

Social media analytics change the business module in more comprehensive way, gleaning data intelligently if there is any action on social media platforms.It enables companies to carry out their online strategy to their business, with returning an instant and quicken tactic and relevant response to shift in the marketplace.

Beehive strategy offers unique online solutions to customers remarkably, to help clients to set a optimize online strategy and solve clients specific business challenges.


Benefits and features

  • Analyze conversation data.
  • Identify advocates of, and threats to, corporate reputation and brand.
  • Quantify interaction among traditional media/campaigns and social media activity.
  • Establish a platform for social CRM strategy.