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About This Project

 The Challenge for campaign

Lee Jeans Hong Kong was experienced with mobile marketing in 2012 and found that mobile marketing is more effective and lower cost compare with traditional marketing. Thus, mobile marketing was included in Lee Jeans Hong Kong promotion plan this year, aiming to extent its unique denim spirits and refreshes the brand a innovative, creative, in advanced proven with successful case study from previous digital campaign called “White Label” in 2013 to increase fans engagement of mobile channels since it generated much traffic and triggered discussion. These inspired Lee Jeans Hong Kong to leverage a mobile site to convey the message of “Union-All 100th Anniversary” for the campaign in 2013.

There is a shift to mobile platform as their navigation behaviors of our targeted audience in Hong Kong so leverage the mobile site to launch the campaign is a must in order to expand the fans base and increase engagement in different digital channels. Meanwhile, expand the market share of Lee Jeans Hong Kong in fashion industry. And finally, leading fans to visit offline store to have transactions.



As digital data can be tagged and tracked easily; contingencies can easily be tickled during instant analysis from management perspective by adopting a mobile channel to promote its messages, Moreover, according to the last campaign performance, mobile is the majority platform for customers to get into our campaign .

To enhance the mobile site performance, supporting advertising materials including leveraging famous local mobile apps as if “Hong Kong Movie”, “Hong Kong Toolbar” and “Openrice” were adopted. Within the mobile site, readers were informed both mechanics of “White Label” campaign by leveraging various fashion celebrity advertorials and redemption of the small gift.


Advertising in local trendy mobile apps assisted in generating traffics to the mobile site. Audiences can interact with Lee Jeans by simply clicking the banner ads including pop-up windows. They will be re-directed to the campaign site afterwards and continue in engaging with Lee Jeans.

In enhancing the noise and stimulates fans to spread word of mouth, leveraging Lee Jeans Facebook Page to regular posting model/blogger styling wearing White Label collection product and invite fans to share their simple styling to shape white label simplicity, arouse audience awareness and engaged with them. Besides, soft tone manner and questions based are also our habits in engaging fans. Moreover, persuade fans to like Instagram page to redeem a horse fur brand attract fans to participate and engage with our campaign.



Firstly, the White Label campaign site got over 40,366 visits within two weeks period and mostly came from 5 mobile apps advertisement.

Besides, the campaign site had driven almost 14600 visits within two weeks, which is over-performance compare with FW12 campaign period. Advertisements in mobile apps contributed a great success to the campaign. Moreover, advertising in mobile apps had generated over 1.5 million impressions.

To indicate the great success of the mobile site, number of participants in Instagram was involved. The campaign has driven over 900 fans (nearly 200% growth) to follow Lee Jeans for White Label campaign and Union-Alls 100th anniversary have over 60 pieces of coverall limited edition photos have been shared. Moreover, fans were extremely eager to interact among them by leaving comments and like the photos in the platform.


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