Beehive Strategy | Web Doctor – Kenneth Kwok Interviewed by Next Media Magazine No.1184
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Web Doctor – Kenneth Kwok Interviewed by Next Media Magazine No.1184

08 Mar Web Doctor – Kenneth Kwok Interviewed by Next Media Magazine No.1184

By leveraging analytics to improve your website performance。

Kenneth Kwok, who is the only person in Hong Kong who achieved the certified web analyst honor from WEB ANALYTICS ASSOCIATION.

He founded Beehive Strategy in 2010, specially looking for companies with poor performance and low traffic of website. He aims to help them to boost traffic as well as driving brand awareness. Currently, he hosted few web analytics related courses in Hong Kong Productivity Council and he is also the guest lecturer of Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Usually respondents always avoid answering sensitive question on how much they earn a month about their business while Kenneth was not. “Once you start your career in this industry, 20k-30k is the starting salary, after 3 years the salary can up to 60k – 80k, very good in terms of career prospect. However, there are not many talents in the market whichless than 20 people” Said Kenneth.

“After finished a degree of computer science, I got a job in IBM and during that time I realized analytics are having great potential for business.” Said Kenneth.He describes the work of web analyst is same as what a doctor did. ” For example if you have a fashion selling e-commerce website with only a few transactions done for a year, I can help by implementing analytics tools to collect data such as the top countries of visitor coming from? what devices they used to browse the website? how long they stay and what content they are more interested? After acquire wanted data, it comes to diagnosis the patient (Website).

However, the process of diagnose didn’t cost clients any money as he believes if there are no any result being proved, customers are not willing to start the conversation. The average price of a project is around 20k-30k, the more the issues needed to be fixed; the cost will be even higher.

Kenneth is one of the local speaker to Web Analytics Association event in Hong Kong。

How to ensure the effort pays off? “First to figure out the issues of website and then clone another one as mirror site for testing. No changes will be made on the original one but the mirror site will be fixed according to the problems found. E.g. more user friendly and good looking, more keywords to increase traffics from search engine. The two sites will be operated for 1 month. While visitors visit the URL, the system will send visitors to either site randomly.   The data will tell which website performs better and data is the fact to show you the real result. Kenneth claimed he won’t change clients if their no any improvement being made on the website. “ If the website runs normally, they shouldn’t find me but if they do , their website should be in trouble. The data tells where the website goes wrong and there will be way out respectively.

One previous project case from Kenneth is about a baby toy selling website. They opened about few months but rarely can convert visitors to customers. After diagnose from Kenneth, he found that many foreigners have been to the website to shopping but they found information of oversea delivery is unclear to them and so, foreigners gave up to next step or they just stopped because of knowing the high cost of oversea delivery at the end. As a result, Kenneth reforms the layout and put the delivery information to the obvious spot and finally the number of transactions increased more than double.  Kenneth said” The satisfaction is great as you can leverage what you learn in helping SMBs of Hong Kong. If the schedule is not packed, he will definitely help unless the business itself is an unethical business such as pornographic site.” He giggles” Many of them are making significant revenue where no need to ask for my help.”

7 days a week in facing bulky data and charts, it’s difficult to have holidays

How to start as an analyst?

To be a web analyst, candidate should complete the web analyst online course on Google , it costs 50USD which normally takes 1.5 years to study and being qualified. After that, candidate can already become a junior analyst with 20K salary. For whose work experience up to 3 – 5 years, they can participate the web analyst examination from Web Analytics Association, which costs 400USD. An analyst will have around 80k salary after passed the exam and he/she should become the management group of a company.

Kenneth reminds people, who would like to take the exam from Web Analyst Association, to practice more with the past exam question as well as the person itself should be experienced in web analysis. It’s because the exam questions cover situational question in order to knock down those who are inexperience. People who are entry level must fail as the veteran also took the exam twice to pass.


  • Nick Hu
    Posted at 17:35h, 08 March

    Kenneth Kwok is a nice and proficient guy in web analytics, he passed useful and practical tips for newbies,nice to have met him in guangzhou last year.

    PS:On Monday, March 5, 2012, the Web Analytics Association announced it is changing its name to the Digital Analytics Association. The announcement was made at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit.