Beehive Strategy | Kenneth Kwok interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times 2012-02-15
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Kenneth Kwok interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times 2012-02-15

28 Feb Kenneth Kwok interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times 2012-02-15

The Salary and Demand of Certified Digital Analyst.

As many companies are spending significant dollar on internet marketing, The market desire for digital analysts (Web, Social Media, Mobile) in order to help companies analyze the online data and to understand consumer preferences. Industry pointed out that the relevant professionals with 3-5 years experience are in a monthly salary of 30K to 40K. Kenneth Kwok, founder of Hong Kong Digital Analytics Association pointed out, companies require online data analyst to help online promotion by means of optimization and cost control. He used to help a toy dealer in analyzing consumer online behavior and found that many of their consumers from Europe and the United States. So he added new English version for the website as well as to simplify the customer online shopping process. Finally, the turnover increased by 10%.

He said there is a shortage of relevant professionals in Hong Kong, analyst with 3-5 years experience, the salary can be up to 30K to 40K; owned 5-7 years of experience, the salary will be around 60K to 80K. 

Aspiring to become one, people can take the “Certificate in Web Analyst” course from Hong Kong Productivity Council. In addition, the market has the same desire on people who owned social media marketing expertise to help promote their company on digital platform. There is manpower consultant pointed out that the pay of Social Media Specialist is 10-20% higher in comparing to traditional marketers.


經驗數碼分析員 月薪3萬起
  網絡世界遍地黃金,市場渴求數碼分析人員(Web Analyst),助企業分析網上數據,了解消費者喜好。業界人士指出,相關人才有價有市,具3至5年經驗者月薪達3至4萬元。  香港數碼分析協會創辦人郭嘉俊指出,企業需要網上數據分析人員,令公司網上推廣費用用得其所。他曾協助一間玩具經銷商分析消費者網上行為,發現不少消費者來自歐美,因此助網站新增英文版本,同時簡化客戶網上購物流程,令營業額增約一成。  他說,本港相關人才供不應求,具3至5年經驗者,薪酬可達3至4萬元;擁5至7年經驗,更達6至8萬元。如有志成為一員,可修讀香港生產力促進局的「Certificate in Web Analyst」認證。  此外,市場同樣渴求擁社交媒體推廣技能的市務人才。有人力顧問指出,其薪酬較一般市務人員多1至2成。
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