Beehive Strategy | Interview with TVB Pearl Money Magazine on QR Codes
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Interview with TVB Pearl Money Magazine on QR Codes

23 Aug Interview with TVB Pearl Money Magazine on QR Codes

Kenneth Kwok, Managing Director of Beehive Strategy was invited to have an interview in sharing the effectiveness of QR Codes or Quick Response on advertising campaigns.

Companies nowadays are making use of technological tools to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns, QR Code is for instance. However, many e-marketers just underestimated the potential of QR Codes. In fact, if QR Codes are being tagged and tracked by analytical tools, e-marketers can then analyze collected consumer data and even portrayed their future behaviors. These benefits companies in saving costs in advertising while having high ROI.

Here are questions that e-marketers may ask about QR Codes advertising. First, what’s the ideal size of QR Codes in advertising? Second, where should be the optimistic channels to place the QR Codes in advertising campaigns? Newspapers, buses or trains? These affect the conversions of your marketing campaigns. The YouTube video below may give you the answers and useful hints in optimizing QR Code in future campaigns.

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