Beehive Strategy | Interview with PCM No.970 on Social Media Analytics
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Interview with PCM No.970 on Social Media Analytics

29 Feb Interview with PCM No.970 on Social Media Analytics

Die or Analyse Your Social Media Marketing Effort.

Kenneth Kwok, Managing Director of Beehive Strategy

“Many companies are doing online marketing no matter paid or free, they didn’t know whether their digital marketing strategy correct or not. As they run marketing campaigns, they are able to capture data but most of them didn’t interpret it and ignore to leverage analytics. Thus, so many potential business opportunities and clients are just missed.”

Kenneth quoted some examples;

If companies want to have better understanding of their online marketing performance or compare the industrial benchmark, they can deploy Socialbakers – A Social Media Statistics Portal. Socialbakers cover social media statistics worldwide which including lots Facebook brand page, Facebook Application and price of Facebook Pay-Per-Click campaign. Also they cover other social media big boys like Linkedin and Twitter. What value can socialbaker can really provide to companies is to help finding the brand influencer, the most engaging topics, tweets and the best practice of social media marketing. Ultimately, companies can benefit from a better customer response rate.

Kenneth pointed out that many companies pouring significant dollar to digital marketing but they are just wasting their money and invest unwisely. This is because of the marketer doesn’t understand the IT side while people from IT doesn’t realize how marketing operates and finally an ineffective social media marketing turns out.

Therefore, Kenneth suggest content is the king and hard work is the key, don’t be lazy. “The real meaning of social media marketing is to share the message to your friend and then spread out to the world. You shouldn’t focus on the friend or fans number but whether the message is delivered to the right customer group, collect and treasure capturable data. More importantly, rather put yourself into your customer’s shoes instead to the way hard-sell and just don’t expect your message will reach customers 100%.” Said Kenneth.



利用社交網絡時也應該同時使用數據分析系統,並要相信這些數據。數據分析及策略諮詢公司Beehive Strategy 營運總監郭嘉俊指出,在社交網上推廣一定要敢試,同時取得數據後就要相信及分析這些數據。他解釋:現在大家一窩蜂地做網上推廣,不論收費或免費,不知推廣策略是對是錯,卻收集了大量數據,完全沒有了解箇中含意,但訪客及生意卻遠走了。

他舉例,如想分析和比較社交媒體活動與競爭對手之間的不同,可利用Socialbakers 的服務。這是一個社交媒體數據的門戶網站,覆蓋世界各地的社交媒體統計,包括:不同國家的Facebook,Facebook的應用程式及Facebook的廣告價格,還有在不同國家的Linkedin及Twitter用戶。他指出,Socialbakers幫助尋找器牌影響力者,最吸引人的主題,Tweets和應用的最佳實踐,從而改善客戶回應率。



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