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New Google Analytics Qualified Individuals Test

23 Dec New Google Analytics Qualified Individuals Test

Hi all, we have been updating our website for quite a long period and we are now moving on to the Chinese site but hopefully all of you like the new design layout of Beehive Strategy in English version. Our blog is planning to update twice a week at this stage to share new Information technology discovery as well as the news of digital analytics, measurement and governance . Hope all of you will enjoy or appreciate by subscribing our blog! Many thanks.

Just an digital analytics industry news update, Google Analytics team mentioned existing qualified Individual test is going to restructure with the major changes made in Google Analytics version 5. Therefore, right before December, candidates can still take the original Google Analytics Test but those started later than 2011 will include all updates of new version features like visitor flow, real-time etc in the exam.

To response, Kenneth Kwok, who is the founder of Beehive Strategy, is organizing two preparation courses for people who are going to take Google Analytics Qualified Individual test in Hong Kong with Hong Kong Productivity Council in 2012, February and March. With those who are not familiar with the new design and function of Google Analytics or you have no idea how to leverage it, it’s  a good chance to prepare before you getting on the stage.For more information, just click on the two promotion poster below.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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