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Meaningful analytics report for senior managers

24 May Meaningful analytics report for senior managers

Web Analysts sometimes have difficulty to provide analytics reports to senior managers. Senior managers seems are not satisfy with the report even we grasp lots of findings and in-depth insights with meaningful data support. Let’s find a good way to present these data and urge them to read through the whole report which can tell them how to improve their business.

Draw attention at the beginning

As their time are always limited, senior managers generally lack of patience to read the whole report if it can’t catch their eyes at the most beginning. Therefore, web analyst should provide basic information and rough ideas about what is being shown as senior managers may not involve the whole project process. For instant, the project or campaign objectives (such as increase revenue or save money) need to be included at the beginning of the report for them to have briefly concept of the following content. Also, we should provide basic data with trends/pattern for the management to briefly understand the customers’ behavior and basic market trends in their industry.


Cause-and-effect analysis

After briefly in the first paragraph, we should mainly focus on some obvious issues or problems which need to be improve in our reports. We should tell the reason of taking this action and what lead to the problems with charts and graphs support. Try to identify the possible root causes and specific effect to raise attention to the issue in this part. To complete this part of content, we should identify the issue, gather all the relevant data, and  simplify and convert them into charts or graphs as charts and graphs can be easier to understand than jargon words for senior managers.


Report with solutions

Make a good conclusion is not that easy, it’s the most difficult part for web analysts but also the most important part for the management.

Remember! Senior managers are result oriented, after reading the lots of charts and graphs, we should have solution after pointing out the problems and issues. Our suggestions should be concrete and actionable. For example, you can’t just say “…we suggested to do content optimization.” but be more specific that which page or which part of content should adjust, simple diagram and plan should be provided if necessary. The solutions we suggest should be either or both can increase the conversion rate or improve ROI.


I’m sure the response will be worse than ever if we don’t make a “happy ending” for the reports so please try the best to make it complete.

Tips: Sometimes we can merge the second and third parts to present in “problem-solution” way if the issues/problems are not related.

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