Beehive Strategy | HKMVC 2011
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HKMVC 2011

Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies  Awards 2011

Celebrating a decade of publishing in Hong Kong, Mediazone Publishing will award its prestigious Trophy of Excellence to exceptional companies adding value to Hong Kong, today. “Hong Kong is what we make it and we are fortunate to have remarkable leaders among us who simply won’t comfort. They want to make things better and that in many ways is one of Hong Kong greatest triumphs,” says Glenn Rogers, Managing Editor of Mediazone Publishing.

The company publishes Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies(HKMVC) – the territory’s most respected business annual, a range of build-Operate-transfer publications for the private sector and advises U.S. & European companies on global public strategy.

What’s So Valuable?

Picked by the editorial panel of writters, editors and research analysts, winners are chosen based on their progress in;

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Innovation in product/service
  • Quality of staff training and customer service
  • Track record/Proven contributions to Hong Kong
  • Proven quality of management
  • Value-Added components
  • Recognition of the Best Business Practices
  • Accolades/Merit from industry
“Specialisation and differentiation is crucial for industry – leading companies keen to maintain their competitive edge. We need more innovators, people who want to offer more value to the customer. Hong Kong needs people who care about quality and are willing to invest time and effort into improving. This is what will make Hong Kong competitive in the region as well as on the international stage. Thanks to Hong Kong’s Most Valuable  Companies we are able to find these fine companies and learn from their spirit and their attitude. The work of finding these pioneers is an important  function HKMVC performs because contrary to popular belief it isn’t the big companies that are necessarily the best. In the days to come it isn’t the big that will swallow the small, but rather the swift that will outrun the slow.” New Technology, smarter design, enhanced quality are all the result of an indomitable pioneering spirit that is a very much alive and well to Hong Kong thanks to these remarkable people who enjoys that quest for perfection.
Always keen to push back boundaries, they enjoy the entrepreneurial approach to business and this results in more value for the customer, makes industries more competitive and brings Hong Kong a reputation as a competitve world calss city.”We have a long way to go and the work to build a sustainable business annual reflecting the needs of the community has only just begun. Our growth is largely due to the countless people who have supported us over these 10 years. On this occasion we would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” and pledge to continue to serve Hong Kong and its people withhumility and dedication.”
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